Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Kitty Kitty

I saw a Lynx today.

It is tough to see even if you follow the tracks.

Paws are bigger than my fist, smaller than my open hand. 

The pictures are done with my cell phone so the zoom is grainy but you can tell its a big cat.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Vancouver, eh.

Sure they look like hospitable shop owners, but in Vancouver the only thing this store sells is fight tickets.

Side by side slides, no sharing, no fighting.

Zane drives to the playground, bus service sucks but at least there are buses in Vancouver.

Skytrain whizzing by at night.  The crush capacity is nearly equal to the total population of Tulita.

Tulita does not have condo towers or row house complexes.

Or, big trees.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

For All The Foodies

Start with one grouse.  Free range and organic.

Add one bullet, or an appropriate pinch of shot.

Google some gore friendly blog to watch cleaning and butchering so you can get the breast off and slice into even strips.

Prepare white flour with salt and pepper, 1 egg with water for egg wash, and bread crumbs mixed with Montreal Chicken Spice.

The amounts are skeptical and change every time depending on size and amount of chicken/grouse breast and how thinly it is sliced.  More slices equals more surface area to cover.  I have never really gotten it perfect.  Be sure to mix the crumbs and spice thoroughly and evenly.

Coat grouse in seasoned flour, dip in egg wash then coat with the breadcrumb/spice mix.

See, left over spice mix.  Always discard any left over spice and flour mix, chicken/grouse can carry salmonella and the flour/spice mix can pick it up and be really bad for you the next day. 

No stick pan, medium high heat.  Enough oil to make the strips crispy, but too much can make them soggy. 

Cook with a lid until brown and crispy, flip reduce heat to medium and brown the other side until crispy.  I don't go by time so much.  Once it's crispy on both sides I cut a big piece in half to be sure that any juiciness is clear.  Any red is bad, salmonella bad.

Serve with cheesy broccoli, ginger glazed carrots, beets and perogies. 

The boys like it, and Laani eats grouse too.  For additional recipe tips leave a message on the blog.

Friday, 13 January 2017

My New Truck

It looks bigger because it is still on the trailer.  But when its off the trailer the tires will still come 1/2 way up the window on the Jeep.  Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.

Finn's new full height boots.  Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Making Bush Crazy Look Normal Since 2016

This years bush crazy look is way more normal than last year.  Here is a refresher so you do not have to search.

Ohhh the braided, beaded beard.  So much style. So last year.

The boys have been rocking in the trapper hat.

Zane kinda reminds me of an early Star Wars character in this hat.  But I have not found the character or characters name.

Finn reminds me of a model, all hat, hide the eyes, keep them wanting more.

More tongue, less Star Wars.

Big blue eyes.  Worth the wait, right?

Dimple, pouty and kissable, with just enough pen on his face to remind you that he is 2 years old.

Speaking of 2 years old.  Finn has been practicing his nose picking.  He needs practice as he misses often.

Attempting the double nostril dig.

Zane practicing the big mouth routine.

He can get most of his foot in.  Do you think Finn was successful with step 1?

Zane has started flashing gang signs.

I busted him trying to steal the jeep the other day.

He flashed his gang sign and started screaming about busting a cap in my ass.  Turns out he busted crap in his pants.  He got a fresh diaper and a trip to time out.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Christmas Bunny

We put up a Christmas Tree this year but we did not have a tree topper.  In fact we left all our xmas decorations back in Vancouver.  So, the crafty Laani took a snowshoe hare pelt and formed this Christmas Bunny for a tree topper. 

She also baked cookies with the boys and then strung them and hung them on the tree for ornaments

Zane pinching a cookie.  I did not get any pictures of Finn eating cookies because he was too fast about it.

I dressed as Santa and the boys kinda thought it was fun. 

We talked about being good all year long.  They only kinda thought it was fun.  The Santa suit and tree lights are courtesy of epic garbage picking.

Then Christmas came and the boys and I opened gifts.

Laani and the boys opened gifts.

Finn has been saying "plane" since September when the planes were flying over regularly at the Gran's house.  So he got a plane and has been pretty happy about it.

Zane got a pile of books that he does not mind to share with his brother.

They both got a board with latches on it.

I got a trappers hat.

And Laani got to take pictures, which is why I did not post a picture of the scissors or shears she got for Christmas.