Wednesday, 18 October 2017

It's a cooking blog, eh!

The menu description for this dinner I gave to our guests was titled Grouse Served 3 Ways.  Can't tell by looking at it, eh?  Breast portions with light seasoned flour, egg wash, then breaded with chicken spice, Parmesan cheese, and bread crumbs of course.  Served with a yummy mushroom gravy.

So here is the 3 ways.  From left to right; Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse, and Ptarmigan which is a sub-species of grouse. Hey, I'm throwing culinary curve balls up here!

This is my first ever Ruffed Grouse.  They are around here but they are very rare/elusive/hard to find.  I did harvest very many Sharp Tails, some Ptarmigan, and a few Spruce Grouse last season and never saw one Ruffed Grouse or heard of another hunter getting one last season. 

The Ruffed Grouse is special because it is a white meat bird, where as the others are red meat. Also special because of its tail fan, look again, it is pretty.

From left to right; Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse and Ptarmigan.  Ptarmigan is smaller and darker red, Spruce and Sharp Tails are roughly the same size and color, and the Ruffed is white meat and tastes very close to store bough chicken.  Please note these are all ethically harvested free range organic birds.

Google the other birds if you are keen to see what they look like.

This meal was fun to prepare because of the juxtaposition of the Ruffed and the Ptarmigan.  The Ruffed is white on the inside and the Ptarmigan is white on the outside.  Just silly fun, eh?

The whole experience was special and fun and nice to share with friends.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Thankful for the Harvest

 Image result for turkey

It is Thanksgiving in Canada.  Nice to have an extra day off and turkey dinners.  We did not cook a turkey but there was a turkey lunch at the school, and a turkey dinner at the church the next day.

But hey!  This is a hunting blog, right!!  Seems lots of people, even up here, have turned politically correct.  The corrected term now is "Harvesting" and not "Hunting."  Suits me well for today.

Today I am very thankful for the harvest.

Ten in the game!  Ten is the bag limit for grouse/ptarmigan combined and this is my first day bagging out.  I have been stuck at 7 and have harvested 7 grouse a number of times.  Today there must have been 60 grouse in and around a half kilometer radius, up in trees, on the ground, flying around.  It was grouse central.  A really grey and snowy day, -3ish but not windy.  Getting out there is a little nasty as the ground is still soft, muddy and really deep in some areas.  Lots of little creeks to cross and plenty of boot eating quagmires.  I gave half the harvest to a local for redistribution and turned the rest into soup.  Yum. Yum for a week, eh!

Hope you enjoyed the holiday too.

Moonrise on the Mackenzie

Self explanatory, yet oh so pretty.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Hunting Blog Eh!

Everyone says porcupine is really tasty.  Turns out its true.  Wonderful little guys.  Studied up on them a little bit and who would have guessed one can eat porcupine raw?  Not just survival food for ease of capture and kill, but ease of consumption too.  I roasted one like a turkey, and it tasted like dark meat turkey.  It was not this one.  This guy got away as I did not have a license at the time.

Tricky to spot some times. This guy did not get away, this is his final resting spot.

And a pretty little spot nestled in the flowers and logs.  Good view from here too.  Real tough to get to, but worth it for the view alone.

Perspective is difficult in photographs.  The white shape mid picture is a 6 gallon pail, you put porcupine in a pail unlike most game that one may "Bag."  The pail is where I shot from.

.22 Remington bolt action.

Reap it.

Tenacious Dog Water

Muddy Buddies

All wet, no wit.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Dope Mosquito Protection

The Dragon Flies up here will pick the mosquitoes off your face.

Zane was not super keen on this.  But he did tolerate it quite well.